Supplement Starter Kit

Nine powerful ingredients - One ultimate formula.


Every LYMA Starter Kit includes 30 or 90 day supply of the LYMA formula, the iconic, solid copper LYMA storage vessel and your LYMA authenticity card, which enables you to purchase refills and access the LYMA wellness concierge

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More than a vitamin pill. LYMA has redefined the supplement industry. The only supplement to use nine peer-reviewed ingredients in one ultimate formula.

This powerful formula was created to help you find balance in today’s modern world. LYMA combines the best ingredients with the best science to help you feel your absolute best. It’s time to feel better. Whether you’re looking to get back what you’ve lost or take yourself to another level.

LYMA is the solution you’ve been looking for. There’s no better feeling than feeling your best.

Sleep: LYMA has selected the best peer-reviewed ingredients, to help and restore your balance, so you can feel your best.

Health: Being ill isn’t an option. Life is a constant battle to protect ourselves from whatever’s going around the office air condition and a sneezing passenger on our daily commute. Our daily lives run at such a pace; we only have time to thrive.

Performance: LYMA is the ultimate supplement to help optimize your physical routine. a single supplement to support all key functions and enable you to smash your goals.

Beauty: LYMA allows you to take practical steps to restore your glow. We created LYMA to help you feel your best and fall in love with yourself again.

Focus: More than a multi-vitamin. LYMA delivers a credible and proven edge to keep you at your best. Evidence-based nutrition, designed in association with you.

Anxiety: Just like a trip to a spa can transform you. LYMA is like a spa for your mind. The ultimate antidote to the stress of modern life. Nine powerful ingredients. One ultimate formula. LYMA was created to change lives.

Now discover what LYMA can do for you.

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