Neuroprotek LP

Neuroprotek LP


NeuroProtek® Low Phenol uses an exclusive combination of flavonoids and has lower milligrams of Quercetin and specifically Rutin (known to be high in phenols) than our original NeuroProtek® formula. NeuroProtek® Low Phenol is formulated to maximize effects of flavonoids while also overcoming any absorption obstacles. NeuroProtek® Low Phenol contains the flavonoids: Luteolin, Quercetin, and Rutin. The selection of specific beneficial flavonoids, as well as the source, purity and absorbability of those flavonoids were taken into consideration in order to develop the most beneficial NeuroProtek® LP product with the least amount of associated risk.
While some benefit may be noticed shortly after starting NeuroProtek, it may take months before measurable benefits are observed. NeuroProtek¨ does not require a prescription. NeuroProtek is not a cure. NeuroProtek is not an analgesic.

Daily Dosage – 1 softgels per 10KG of body weight
Maximum per day 6 softgels per day.
Recommended dosages work best if separated throughout the day.
It’s ok to cut open and mix the softgel. Please make sure you put the ingredients into a small amount of food or drink to confirm that all of the softgels ingredients are consumed.
If you are using a blender, please check that the temperature does not become too high.


Content 60 caps
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